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Let us know what you think!

Contact us via one of the methods listed below. Obviously it is always preferable that you contact us via phone or e-mail, but sometimes the United States Postal service is just as good.

This is where you, our customer and student, have an opportunity to tell us what you think of this website, to make any inquiries you have about Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu, to contact us about the Yoshin Ryu DVD on my Tokui Waza(speciality)Koshi Waza.

It also enables you to have a voice in telling us what else you would like to see on the next DVD or if there are any changes you would like to see made to the website. Questions, Comments, seminar information? Our longevity and the preservation of the art depends on your satisfaction so please, let us know what you think.

Just click this address to send us e-mail:

Koshi-Nage Sensei

Or give us a call at (501)612-0242...please leave a message if we are unavailable. Or send us mail the old fashioned way:

The Arkansas Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu Academy
10506 StagecoRoad 
Little Rock, Arkansas 72210

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The most effective, traditional Jujitsu for true self defense.

"True warriors are fierce because their training is fierce. "

-Miyamoto Musashi 1645