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Welcome to our web site!

We are extremely pleased that you have chosen to view our web site and find out more about us. Here at the Arkansas Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu We strive for excellence and expect effort and dedication. Only through effort and dedication can you expect to allow your Jujitsu to define each Kata(technique)that you use. We hope that you enjoy your visit and please take the time to sign our guest book.


Sensei Jarvis Cherron Kolen

Rokudan(6th degree black belt)Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu

The traditional art that adapted and changed with the times to fit the needs of modern people.
10506 Stagecoach Road Suite F. 
Little Rock, Arkansas 72210

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Koshi-Nage Sensei

What is Jujitsu?
Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art. It is one of the oldest martial
arts, having been developed in the early part of this century.
"Jujitsu" translates to "the way of harmonizing energy". Although steeped in Japanese samurai tradition, its practice is ideally suited to today's world and to our current lifestyles. It helps us deal with stress, conflicts, and attacks from multiple directions. It differs from many other martial arts in that it doesn't meet aggression with aggression, but stresses blending with an incoming attack and redirecting the energy of that attack back to the attacker.

On one level, Jujitsu can be a very effective form of self-defense. It is used by a large number of law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. The techniques do not depend on size, strength, agility, or youth. Men and women, young and old, large and small – all can do Jujitsu. The techniques can be used against a variety of attacks and body types.

On another level, Jujitsu is great exercise, great people, and great fun. It's an enjoyable activity to spend time in, to do after a long day at work or at home, and it brings one into contact with a diverse and interesting group of people from many backgrounds.

On yet another level, Jujitsu is a well-rounded path of
self-development, through which we can learn more about ourselves, improve ourselves as human beings, and become more effective at everything we do. It is applying our training to every one of our activities, to the way we live our daily life, to every breath we take.

So how is Jujitsu done?
Most styles of Jujitsu have no competition or tournaments. Techniques are practiced in cooperation with one or more partners; both the Tori(thrower or defender) role and Uke(being thrown or attacking)role are equally important. Training
is done in a dojo, or training hall. ("Dojo" literally translates to
"place of enlightenment"). The dojo has padded mats, since Jujitsu is a throwing and grappling art. Jujitsu practitioners do a lot of falling – which they learn how to do in a safe manner. Forward and backward falls, forward and backward rolls, and for more advanced students, spectacular flips through the air resulting in an impressive looking (and sounding) "break fall".

Techniques end in one of these throws, or in a joint lock or pin.
Generally, in a class, the instructor will demonstrate a movement or technique, and then the class will break up into partners or groups and all the students will practice, under the guidance of the instructor. Daily or weekly classes are supplemented by intensive training seminars or camps, which draw a larger number of Jujitsuka(Jujitsu practitioners) from the region, country or world. These events are generally taught by one or more high-ranked instructors.

The ultimate goal of Jujitsu is to integrate the mind, body and spirit. It teaches us to bring ourselves into harmony with our own energy, and with the energy of the world around us. Jujitsu is a way, or path, of bringing our true self, our body and our energy together into a powerful, cohesive, effective unit. This benefits not only us personally, but benefits society as well.

Jujitsu is a traditional martial art that requires that you do throws, wristlocks, learn to do breakfalls, strangulations and retraints.


What is Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu?

Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu is a very comprehensive art and tries to address all ranges of combat. Realism is an aspect of the art that we continue to address at the Arkansas Yoshin Ryu Academy with Yoshin Ryu this vein we teach knife disarms, gun disarms and how to deal with attacks from simple items such as sticks, rocks and even screwdrivers.

The effectiveness of Yoshin Ryu can not be denied as Yoshin Ryu is interesting to research and practice.  We cover sword and actively spar with Bokken and shinai.

For more information on Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu specifically and the schedule for this class or seminars and private lessons, please feel free to contact us at (501)612-0242 or you can e-mail us Contact Us.

The most effective, traditional Jujitsu for true self defense.

"True warriors are fierce because their training is fierce. "

-Miyamoto Musashi 1645